The week's twitterings – 2011-04-03

  • Finally got around to seeing K-Pax. Now I understand why people (quietly) raved about it…. #
  • “@reillyusa: @jamesurquhart And the woman that runs it could frighten a drunk cowboy.” < That sounds like a compliment! #
  • Why is everyone misunderstanding the EC2 announcement? It's "unshared", not "dedicated". Just another QoS feature, not "un-cloudy". Sheesh!! #
  • Words of wisdom: Om Malik on Why There Are No Second Chances on the Internet #
  • Here's a powerful piece by Eric MacDonald which comprehensively demolishes the (incoherent) concept that "God is love": #
  • “@alecmuffett: "You have a cryptographic failure, and then the terrorists take advantage of it and then there's a bomb…"” < said who? pwc? #
  • Everyone who wants @Skype to fix the dysfunctional UI in Skype 5 , please retweet this piece by @lkm via @tidbits #

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