The week's twitterings – 2010-05-23

  • At the plenary at TM Forum #mworld2010 in Nice. We're invited to Tweet about it, but conference wifi doesn't cover the auditorium! #FAIL #
  • NYTimes on Goldman Sachs < institutionalized conflict-of-interest stinks; break 'em up #
  • #mw2010 day 2: Profitable Cloud Services summit. Everybody declares "vendor agnosticism" but without effective standards how can this be? #
  • Now we're discussing the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council – a forum for customer driven standards, not vendor-driven. About time. #mw2010 #
  • TM Forum's ECLC is defining a customer-driven de facto standards IaaS private cloud reference model. The consequences could be huge. #mw2010 #
  • Why would you design an Amazon-like IaaS service, and make the self-service response time 3 days rather than a couple of minutes? #mw2010 #
  • Tired of vendor presos that imply the audience is dumb, the topic is complicated, and the best strategy is "trust us". Guess who. #mw2010 #
  • Fun with #hp in Monaco during #mw2010 #
  • More fun at the casino on Monaco with #oracle during #mw2010 #
  • Fun with #oracle at The Casino in Monaco #
  • Fed up of completing 90% of the web checkin process and being told "Sorry, you have to checkin with an agent". @unitedairlines, DL,… WTF? #
  • Went to the Chagall Museum in Nice yesterday. Extraordinary, magical, luminous, spiritual, sensual. I'll upload pix when I get home tomorrow #
  • RT @jamesurquhart RT @bernardgolden: Good "cloud manifesto" by @staten7. #cloudcomputing<This shouldn't be controversial #
  • RT @UnitedAirlines Happy bday Tware! Retweet this for chance to win 2 RT tickets to Hawaii! #twarebday5 #
  • Last day of a long trip: 10 days in Shenzhen and a week in Nice. It'll be good to get home tonight. NCE-JFK-SFO will make it a long day, tho #
  • TMF #mworld2010 was really valuable. The ECLC ref impl for IaaS could be very significant: #cloud standards driven by real customers! #
  • No ash cloud issues, and NCE-JFK gets in 40 minutes early. Am I ungrateful if I think this just makes my layover longer? #
  • Why I try to avoid JFK: DL had 8 long-hauls arriving at the same time. Immigration overwhelmed: hundreds of people waiting for over an hour #
  • Home sweet home….. #

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