The week's twitterings – 2010-05-16

  • Back on Twitter, finally, after a week! Curse you, Great Firewall of China! Thank you, @publicvpn #
  • Finally got around to configuring VPN on my iPad. Nice to rejoin the real web. It feels like the Great Firewall is more active than before #
  • Sipping a pint of Boddington's at the "Yorkshire Pudding" on Shelley St. in Hong Kong. Free wifi! Tonight I fly HKG-LHR-NCE, ash permitting! #
  • The fog has burned off: I must buy a hat before exploring Hong Kong this afternoon. I can see why people drift in and wind up staying here #
  • Arrived in Nice from HKG via LHR, checked in, turned on TV, and the pre-show for the Monaco GP is on. Shower, rehydrate, and soak it up!! #
  • There seem to be more commercials during the Grand Prix on TF1 than there are on SpeedTV. Didn't think that was possible…. #
  • However the ads on TF1 are significantly more cool than most of those on US tv. Love the Nespresso "falling piano" ad with George Clooney. #

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