The week's twitterings – 2010-11-28

  • Call the TSA's Office of Strategic Comms when you're threatened with arrest for airport photography – Boing Boing #
  • Drool (from iPhone CraigsProFree) #
  • “@vambenepe: Joke #74 ?? Again?! Aargh! It wasn't funny the first six times I heard it. #
  • Just watched Ridley Scott "Robin Hood". Ugh! Wins prize for turning a simple legend into political drama, but trashing the history anyway #
  • Movies today: Harry Potter: mixed, mediocre, too long; Robin Hood: awful – an insult to a legend; Clara Bow as The IT Girl: wonderful!!! #
  • Oh crap! Starbucks playing syrupy Xmas music. Guess I'll get my coffee elsewhere for the next month. (And Xians complain about persecution!) #
  • Off to the theater in San Jose to see "Backwards in High Heels". More anon. #

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