The week's twitterings – 2010-08-29

  • Final prep for trip east. Limo coming at 3:35AM to get us to our 6AM SFO-BOS flight. (Verifying UA Visa+auto ins. will cover rental CDW.) #
  • Old style trip prep: copying MP3 playlists from iTunes to my iPhone.
    New style trip prep: ripping DVDs to my iPad with HandBrake. #
  • RT @sarahholtf1: What's that the sound of steady rain falling through the trees and trickling into the gutters? Good morning from Spa<Uh-oh! #
  • Lack of imagination: "Another… said: 'I can't think of anything worse than being told your plane's about to crash." #
  • Common problem: @vambenepe: OK, so I looked at my blog logs tonight and apparently the way to generate traffic is to write new posts. Darn. #
  • Waiting for a take-out order of sushi at Misono in Chestnut Hill. Feels just like 1998-2005 (before I moved to Seattle). #
  • “@rww: Eucalyptus and Amazon – A Twist Forms in the Open Cloud” < Where's the twist? (Unless you live under a rock…) #
  • Prediction: As soon as the @OpenStack baseline release is done, there will be new subprojects for EC2/EBS and S3 API compatibility. #
  • Hotel Indigo in Newton MA has SpeedTV, so I'm watching the Belgian GP. Rain clouds on one side of the track, sunshine on the other. Typical. #
  • Still hoping for a Hamilton lead-from-lights-to-flag win. All his pursuers have stopped for tyres… #
  • “@ConnectionMaven: @geoffarnold We are watching somewhat delayed…so no spoilers.” <OK. Of course "rain at Spa" isn't a spoiler 😉 #
  • So it comes down to tyres – intermediates vs. full wets – and visibility through spray. Classic! #
  • “@GrandPrixDiary: For Gods sake Kubica – put your knees together….”< After 40 laps in that little tube of a cockpit, you'd want to stretch #
  • “@jxstanford: Pop quiz: Why shouldn't a RESTful service have a login / logout?” < Idempotency, server state. Too easy. #

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