The truth about Linux

Jaron Lanier nails it:

Some of the youngest, brightest minds have been trapped in a 1970s intellectual framework because they are hypnotized into accepting old software designs as if they were facts of nature. Linux is a superbly polished copy of an antique, shinier than the original, perhaps, but still defined by it.

However the prevailing cult of OSS is so dominant that even the most obviously proprietary projects have to pretend to be open source. (The fact that all of the individuals with “commit” privileges happen to work for a single company is purely coincidental.) And try telling any OSS enthusiast that they ought to be “open” to a world with multiple open source operating systems…
Anyway, by picking out the most provocative paragraph, I’m doing an injustice to Jaron. It really is an interesting piece, especially what it has to say about the importance of speciation. Check it out.