More evidence that it's time to ban ALL faith-based schools in the UK

From Stephen Law:

According to today’s Observer (p5), the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O’Donoghue (illustrated), has said in a document written for schools in his diocese that:
“Under no circumstances should any outside authority or agency that is not fully qualified to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church ever be allowed to speak to pupils or individuals on sexual or any other matter involving faith and morals”
O’Donoghue also called for any books containing polemics against the Catholic Church to be removed from school libraries.

Clearly the Catholic Church doesn’t want children that it’s indoctrinating teaching to learn about the use of condoms to reduce the risk of STDs. Nor should they be allowed to see any criticisms of ridiculous medieval ideas like the Pope’s plans to set up exorcism squads. ((Let’s see: which is the more pressing problem in the world today – HIV/AIDS or demonic possession?))