Disclaimers, guidelines, policies and the like

With the publication of IBM’s blogging policies, there’s been a fair amount of discussion on the internal Sun bloggers’ alias about our own policy. Tim Bray has a piece on the subject over at ongoing. I’ve never bothered with a disclaimer on this blog, since (1) it’s not hosted at blogs.sun.com or any other Sun site, and (2) I have always felt that if a lawyer was out to get you, the degree of protection provided by a disclaimer would fall in the category “None at all”.* Nonetheless I have reluctantly decided to follow my colleague, and have shamelessly plagiarised the disclaimer from ongoing. I’ve also taken the opportunity to reorganize the sidebar, eliminate a few placeholders that I never got around to creating content for, and generally do a bit of spring cleaning.

* From HHGTTG:
“Have you any idea how much damage that bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?”
“How much?” said Arthur.
“None at all,” said Mr Prosser.

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