My next laptop for Solaris?

Tulip have announced a rather unusual laptop. It’s based on the new AMD Turion CPU, the successor to the Athlon 64, so it should run Solaris 10 in 64 bit mode quite nicely. However what caught my eye was the limited edition Tulip E-Go Diamond version, which has some “unusual” styling touches:

“Tulip E-Go notebook inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands of brilliant cut diamonds have been set. The quality is V.V.S. top-Wesselton and the total weight is 80.00 Crt. The brilliant cut diamonds are microscopic and pave set with surgical precision. This magnificent end result is possible thanks to the use of brilliant cut diamonds with a large variety of diameters. A unique square cut ruby has been set in both Tulip logos. For the Tulip E-Go diamond project, Marcel van Galen Design worked closely together with Design Department product engineering and Laurent de Beer Master Jewelry Designer. Consumer price € 283,000

I can see it now – PC Magazine comparison shopping tables listing CPU speed, RAM, screen size, weight, battery life, and carats….

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