One more trip to round out the year

After three visits in a row to China, the final trip this year will be to the UK. We’re heading over next Monday, December 7, for two weeks. We’ll be in Oxford for the first 6 days, visiting my mother and seeing friends. Lorna is being honored by the University of Reading on the 12th, when she will receive an honorary Ph.D. for her contributions to the history of science. I’m really looking forward to this.
The second week is going to be mostly work: meetings with a technology partner in Cambridge, and customer visits in the UK and Germany. We’re still working on the detailed logistics, but we’ll probably stay near Heathrow for a few days so that I can do the German leg as a day trip. After one more weekend in England, we’ll fly back to the US on Monday 21st.
(At some point, I’ll have to add up all of the miles I flew this year. It’s been… busy.)