Today is a day for the making of lists. For checking lists. For arranging to get hold of hard copies of all the documents that I used to keep in electronic form on my work-supplied laptop.
Here’s a useful hint: save PDF copies of all of the output from your company’s on-line self-service tools – payroll, benefits, stocks, etc. – and email them to your home system. I was pretty careful about this, but not as scrupulous as I should have been. Mea culpa. Never mind.
A head-scratching item. I’m a book lender – I always have been. And I don’t bother to keep any records of what I’ve lent to whom; someone comes by my office with a question, and I grab the right book from my shelf and say, “Read this – let me have it back when you’re done.” Sometimes they do, but people are forgetful. And there’s no real rush, is there? So when my office is cleaned out, and my books are brought down the hill to me, I know that there will be half a dozen missing. Oh, well.
And now I must run off to have coffee with a colleague. A lot of people want to talk….

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