Brilliant speech by 7/7 survivor

The David Davis by-election has been about more than the “42 days” rule, and those politicians like Tony McNulty who dismiss it as “vanity” are simply reinforcing Davis’ point. But almost has important has been the opportunity for other voices to be heard – from Bob Geldorf, to the 7/7 survivor Rachel. Here’s the first paragraph from her brilliant speech. Read the whole thing:

Three years ago I was on the way to work when a 19 year old British man detonated a suicide bomb in the carriage I was travelling in, killing 26 innocent people and wounding over a hundred more. So I understand first-hand how terrifying terrorism is. But I now know that the real aim of the terrorists is not to kill hundreds but to terrify millions. To terrify us so much that we forget who we are and what we stand for and become like frightened children begging only to be kept safe. To use our own nightmares against us and to amplify them through the media and news cycle’s endless feedback loop of fear. But as any parent knows, it is not always possible to keep those you love safe, and a person who is always safe is a person who never knows freedom – and who has no life.

See the whole speech here at Rachel’s blog. [UPDATE] And for an excellent assessment of Davis’ stand on principle, and why most politicians and journos seem to be clueless about it, I recommend this piece by Iain Dale over at CiF.

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