Anthropic games

What is it with the stupid anthropic principle? First Paul Davies, now Dinesh D’Souza. Fortunately The Quantum Pontiff and his friends have it all sorted out, in no-holds-barred ROTFLMAO style. Enjoy:

Don’t forget The Brontothropic Cosmological Principle ,
which I learned about from a comment by Tjallen
on Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: (as edited by B. DeLong:)
About [130] million years ago, there was the Brontothropic principle….
The fundamental constants of the universe must be such to allow the Brontosaurus to live and thrive
[No wait!–T]hey’re gone…

The Quantum Pontiff has joined the collection of blogs that Google Reader takes care of for me ((Yes, that’s a deliberate allusion to Douglas Adams’ electric monk.)), along with Neurophilosophy and Pickled Politics.

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