Checked in

I just checked in online for my brief trip to California tomorrow. I’m flying down to Oakland, where I’ll be meeting other family en route to Carmel, CA. Overnight in Carmel, back home to Seattle on Sunday evening. I may not bring a laptop; just a camera, and my Sony PSP (with Brave Story: New Traveler loaded.)
I’m flying on Alaska Air. I think that this is the first time since about 1987: ((Wrong: I flew SEA-SJC in 2004. Oh, well.)) Barry Folsom and I were visiting the Sun headquarters in Mountain View, discussing the 386i project, and we had to make a side trip to Seattle, to talk to Microsoft about running DOS apps on the Roadrunner. I seem to remember that the Alaska DC-9 in which we flew had elastic netting baggage racks instead of overhead bins, and a huge placard on the cockpit door describing the fact that it was leased from some finance company!

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