"Gesture security"

Commonsense from Max Hastings in the Guardian’s Comment is free:

Pity anyone who must catch a plane or visit Wimbledon today, or indeed for many days to come. Following Friday’s London bombs and Saturday’s attack at Glasgow airport, security checks have intensified dramatically. Everybody engaged in what is now a vast industry wants to be seen to be trying harder.
It is another matter, of course, whether all the conspicuous activity that follows a terrorist incident adds a jot to public safety, to compensate for the huge economic cost it imposes. Most security precautions represent a charade. It is probably a politically necessary charade – we will explore that issue in a moment. But we should be sceptical about its practical value.

Indeed. My flight home next Sunday is due to depart from Heathrow at 3:05pm. I wonder: should I plan to get to the airport before or after breakfast?

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