More DotMatrix

Back in February I mentioned a cool Mac application called DotMatrix by B-L-A-C-K-O-P, ((They also have this neat free screensaver, BlackenedPixels, which turns the screen black and then tries to power down the displays. I have a PB15″ with a Samsung SyncMaster 940MW on the DVI port. BlackenedPixels was able to power down the internal display, but not the Samsung. Still saves a lot of heat and power.)) which allows you to mix images from your iSight camera (or any other source) with a bewildering array of effects: distortions, colors, cut-outs, masks, half-tones, and so forth. If the sheer number of possibilities is too daunting, don’t worry: the program includes hundreds of templates, many contributed by enthusiastic users. I’ve just upgraded to version 1.006, and I’m having way too much fun for a Monday evening. Here are a couple of quick tests that illustrate the ability to mix a sequence of shots into a single image:
Stereo image
Film strip
And here’s a touch of wanderlust….
Dreaming of flying home to England
OK, I’ve got to work on that one just a bit, but that’s what makes it fun.

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