A British Affaire

I imagine that all expats get nostalgic for things that they remember from “back home” – especially food. I find it easy to buy some items – chocolate digestives, Marmite – but practically impossible to find other stuff. Case in point: after searching unsuccessfully all winter for Branston Pickle, I broke down and ordered a case (6 big jars) from an Amazon.com merchant.
But this afternoon I finally located the supplier that will help me deal with… well, I guess “homesickness” is fairly accurate. I was browsing through a small gallery of shops – mostly art and Chihuly Glass ((note the deliberate distinction)) – at Fifth and Union and came across A British Affaire, selling English foods and gifts. I loaded up with such things as pickled onions, shandy, Woodpecker cider, a really big jar of Marmite ((you can never have too much Marmite)), and assorted sweets. Mmmm. Friendly people, good selection. They have another shop in Tacoma that they are thinking of turning into a European football ((“soccer” for you colonial types)) hang-out. Sounds good to me.

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