More on the Kathy Sierra blogstorm

Kathy Sierra, the writer who spoke out after a series of attacks and threats, and Chris Locke, the owner of the websites where the attacks were posted, have been talking, and have issued what they call Coordinated Statements. If you’ve been following this affair, it’s worth reading them. A couple of quotes – first from Kathy:

That my one post touched a nerve for tens of thousands of people shows just how wide and deep this problem is. People are outraged not just because of my story, but because it’s been a growing problem that’s hurt the lives of so many others online. But Chris and I felt that if we — of all people — could demonstrate that we could see past the anger, connect with each other, and learn something together, maybe we could help encourage others to have a more calm, rational productive discussion.

And from Chris:

Misogyny is real — and vile. Violence against women is wrong. It must not be tolerated. This issue should be explored and discussed, not swept under the rug, not rationalized away. At the same time, we need to look closely and carefully at the implications for free speech. […] Crucial as is the current debate about hate speech directed at women, it would be tragic if this incident were used as a weapon by those who would limit free and open exchange.

[Hat tip to Rick.]

UPDATE: Tim O’Reilly has called for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct. As Tim Bray points out, this can really be boiled down to one simple rule: You’re accountable for what appears on your Web site. This feels right to me. A blog owner isn’t a “common carrier” or ISP, or anything like that.

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