Heading home

I’m at the RCC (Red Carpet Club) in DIA (Denver airport) waiting for my flight home. Normally I’d be composing this on my Treo, but I’ve reluctantly decided to sign up for T-Mobile WiFi service. I’ve found myself in too many Starbucks, RCCs, and other locations where I really wanted WiFi access but felt too cheap to pay the exorbitant day rates. Yesterday in a Starbucks in Denver (near the Cherry Creek Mall, a really charming neighbourhood) I did the arithmetic and decided it made sense to sign up for a year.
It’s been a really enjoyable, productive, and above all instructive trip. I was surprised and grateful that despite all of the things going on at Sun this week (earnings announcement, CEO hand-over, Leadership Conference) both John Fowler and Greg Papadopoulos made time for me to chat on Monday and Tuesday. It was delightful to meet a number of ex-Sun colleagues from w-a-a-y back and hear about their experiences of “life after Sun”. And it was good to spend yesterday with Barbara Bauer (ex-STK VP) here in Denver, and get together with several colleagues for dinner last night. Forgive me for being vague about the substance of all of these conversations; let’s just say that we discussed current issues and future prospects in some depth.
Time to delete the current flood of blogspam (about 80 over the last 24 hours), grab some coffee, and get ready to board my flight.