Random 10

I’ve got a number of new CDs to load into iTunes: three of the Aria collection, two new Back To Mine compilations, and the new Streets. But until then, this is what iTunes is playing for me:

  • “See No Evil” by Television (from Marquee Moon)
  • “Isle Of View (Music For Helicopter Pilots)” by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (from When In Rome)
  • “Heartless” by Heart (from These Dreams: Heart’s Greatest Hits)
  • “Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones
  • “In Through Time” by Govinda (from Buddha Bar 2)
  • “Pure Narcotic” by Porcupine Tree (from Lightbulb Sun)
  • “I Am The Walrus (‘No You’re Not’, Said Little Nicola)” by Men Without Hats (from Sideways)
  • “East Of Shanghai” by the Legendary Pink Dots (from Four Days)
  • “Path Of Destiny(自ら切り開 運命)” by 中鶴潤 (from the soundtrack to the video game Soulcalibur II)
  • “The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe” by the Robert Mellin Orchestra (from Back To Mine: Orbital)

I wonder how the Japanese characters for “Path Of Destiny” will come out. I was surprised to find that the Soulcalibur II soundtrack was in the GraceNote database; I just hope the information is accurate.