Thanks for all the kind comments

I’m overwhelmed at all the kind comments from people about my RIF. I’m not the only one: there are lots of really good, smart people leaving Sun in this process, and the company will be the poorer for their departure. Look for them on LinkedIn, please.
As I mentioned, I was due to host the Thursday afternoon SunLabs tea, and I decided to turn it into a celebration. After all, how often does someone get to spent 20 years with so many creative, imaginative, dedicated people? I picked up some champagne and pastries, threw together a few slides*, and we had a really good time. Thank you all. And best wishes to the other RIFfed folks that joined us.
I’ve amended the info in the sidebar to include my new email address. (It’s going to be interesting to hunt down all of the places which have my Sun address – airlines, iTunes, etc. etc.)

* The slides are here – PDF, about 975KB. I don’t think there’s anything proprietary. For those who were at the tea today, I’ve added a footnote with the punch-line to that joke.

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