Wind, rain, floods, trees

A huge storm has been pummelling New England for the last couple of days, and isn’t going to move out until later tonight. (There’s a low of around 995 hPa that’s been stuck just south of Nantucket, blocked by a Greenland high.) The folks at the National Weather Service office in Taunton, MA, say that it’s the most severe storm in late May since 1967. Just down the road there’s a huge tree (a London plane, Platanus x acerifolia) uprooted, leaning at 45 degrees and resting on the roof of a house. This means that my street is blocked off while things are cleared up. Elsewhere around the Boston area there are numerous reports of flooding, power outages, trees down, and other storm damage. In our neighbourhood, we’ve had about 3 inches of rain; last night we experienced sustained winds of over 35 MPH, with gusts around 50 MPH.

A good day to work at home, I think.

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