Geeks preparing for nuptials

Chris.jpgI spent yesterday evening at the Joe Bar with Chris and a bunch of friends, getting nicely mellow and shooting the breeze in advance of Chris’s wedding to Celeste today. Jon Lasser (author of Think Unix) was there; he’s already blogged about it, and posted a couple of pictures to Flickr. It was a nice, low key, geek kind of evening, with talk of music, PDA software, the benefits of seamless WiFi-GPRS, Unix file system APIs, and puppetry. Oh yes, and embarrassing confessions from all of us (like Chris admitting a fondness for the music of Garth Brooks, and a certain person’s recollection of a schoolday “chastity pledge”….).

(The photo on the right was taken outside St. Dunstan’s church in Carmel Valley last February.)