Kerry on Iraq

In an earlier posting, I offered some language which I thought provided a reasonable explanation of Kerry’s vote on Gulf War 2. I contacted the Kerry organization about this (and, to be fair, sent an equivalent email to the Edwards camp). Someone from the Kerry team replied quickly and pointed me at this piece from Truthout last December. Here’s the relevant quote:
“This was the hardest vote I have ever had to cast in my entire career,” Kerry said. “I voted for the resolution to get the inspectors in there, period. Remember, for seven and a half years we were destroying weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In fact, we found more stuff there than we thought we would. After that came those four years when there was no intelligence available about what was happening over there. I believed we needed to get the weapons inspectors back in. I believed Bush needed this resolution in order to get the U.N. to put the inspectors back in there. The only way to get the inspectors back in was to present Bush with the ability to threaten force legitimately. That’s what I voted for.”
“The way Powell, Eagleberger, Scowcroft, and the others were talking at the time,”
continued Kerry, “I felt confident that Bush would work with the international community. I took the President at his word. We were told that any course would lead through the United Nations, and that war would be an absolute last resort. Many people I am close with, both Democrats and Republicans, who are also close to Bush told me unequivocally that no decisions had been made about the course of action. Bush hadn’t yet been hijacked by Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney and that whole crew. Did I think Bush was going to charge unilaterally into war? No. Did I think he would make such an incredible mess of the situation? No. Am I angry about it? You’re God damned right I am. I chose to believe the President of the United States. That was a terrible mistake.”
Pretty damn close, I think. Of course Kerry was wrong in one crucial respect – Bush had already been got at by Cheney, Wolfowitz et al, as Paul O’Neill makes clear in Ron Suskind’s book. It would be interesting to ask Kerry about this.