Gene Saunders

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Gene Saunders
Gene Saunders - picture from Detlef Schmier

Gene Saunders, one of the longest serving members of the Sun Microsystems family, passed away unexpectedly on September 19th. Gene had many friends and colleagues at Sun, in the United States and around the World. He was also in constant contact with Sun alumni and his many other friends via email and his blogs. (Even his dog had his her own blog, “Beta the Wonder Dog”.)
Gene is probably best known for creating “onestop”, which for many years was the single most used technical website within Sun. Onestop was started in 1993, hosted on an Ultra 1 SPARCstation 1 in Itasca, IL. It won the “Best SWAN Website” contest several years in a row; at that point, Gene stopped entering to allow others a chance to win!
Gene worked in many groups during his 17 years at Sun. (He joined Sun 19 years ago, but like many of us, he went through a RIF-induced “holiday” which lasted 20 months.) He was a General Territory SE for SunSoft, a Telco focused SE, a member of the Data Center Practice team, and involved on several named accounts. Gene supported many of the User Groups in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, was a very popular speaker at Partner training events, and loved to share his knowledge of technology.
Gene had a rich life beyond his work at Sun. He was passionately involved in political and social issues, nationally and in Dallas. He was an ardent freethinker and skeptic, with a wonderful sense of humor. And he had many friends, from all parts of the world and walks of life, who came to love him deeply.
Gene will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues at Sun, in the Technical Community, and around the world.
There is an email alias for friends of Gene to exchange information and share memories of Gene. Please visit: to sign up.
– Geoff Arnold
– Roger Lippert

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