A busy weekend so far

Tom, Kate and Hannah – the three other members of the “Fellowship” – are visiting Seattle this weekend. On Saturday we explored Pioneer Square, prowled around Uwajimaya, grabbed a hasty lunch, then took a bus over to the Pacific Science Center at Seattle Center. The new Harry Potter film was playing there, and it was the duty of the Fellowship to watch it together. A nice bonus was that it was in the new Boeing iMax Theater, and the last 20% of the film was in 3D!
We adjudged the film “thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying”, which led to discussions of the final Harry Potter volume (which all of us except Tom had read). The recurring issue was the sheer implausibility of the Epilogue to that book. I tried to explain it away as “magic”, but that didn’t feel right.
After the film we explored the Seattle Center. Although the weather was perfect, we decided not to join the extremely long line to go up the Space Needle. Instead we returned to my apartment and kicked back for a while. Around 8pm we headed down South Jackson Street to watch the annual Seafair Torchlight Parade. ((Kate pointed out, correctly, that no torches were in evidence, but nobody seemed worried by this.)) It was a very long ((and occasionally disorganized)) parade, and the final marching band didn’t come through until around 10:30. I’ll try to post some pictures (and video) soon.
Tomorrow we want to get out on the water for a while. Maybe a cruise, or perhaps a ferry ride.

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