Planning for travel

It seems to be a rule of business travel that (a) there will always be one “gotcha” that requires replanning, and (b) events will expand to fill the available time, and then some. Originally I was going to go to England for a couple of days of meetings, then fly on to Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune, before flying home to Boston. First, I discovered that my planned visit to Pune would overlap the festival of Diwali, which would make it a no-op (or worse). OK, let’s turn things around. Hyderabad is a fixed point, so fly to India first, visit Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore (in that order), fly back to England, have my meetings there, and then fly home. And just as that was settling, it turned out that I needed to add another meeting in England, up in Leeds; in addition, some of the people that I had planned to visit at the start of the trip wouldn’t be available at the end. So expand: tack on one day at the front to accomodate a stop-over in England, and add another day at the end for the new meeting in Leeds. My fingers are crossed, but I think everything is set: I’ll depart on October 16th and get home on November 3rd. I have one completely free day (a Sunday), so don’t expect a tour-blog….

(And my deepest thanks to Susan for wrestling with the stupid travel system. At this moment, their portal is still showing the itinerary as it was a couple of days ago, even though there have been half a dozen changes since then. Fortunately Galileo gets it right.)

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