I’m 63, I live in Santa Clara, California, and I work at Cisco. You can see my work history on the “Work” page, here. I’ve got two kids, both of whom flew the coop years ago. Chris is an Episcopal priest, and lives in Kentucky with his wife Celeste. Kate and her two children, Thomas and Torri [Victoria] live with Merry in Brookline, just west of downtown Boston.

When I’m not working or travelling, I’m either hacking away (on my Apples – an iMac and a Macbook Air), reading (especially philosophy), listening to music, watching the English Premier League (especially Manchester United) or Formula 1 races on TV, playing video games (usually Skyrim or Soulcalibur V on my PS3), or watching old movies on TCM, Netflix or Hulu. Favourite music includes everything by Porcupine Tree, The Legendary Pink Dots, Al Stewart, October Project, Groove Armada, the Art Of Noise, Faithless, Robbie Williams, Leonard Cohen, the Grateful Dead, the Orb, The Streets, Pet Shop Boys, Mark Knopfler, the Divine Comedy, Marillion, OSI, Heart, Euphoria, No-Man, Dido, and Underworld. A mixed bag, you’ll say, and you’d be right. As for reading, I tend to concentrate on science, politics, science fiction, and philosophy; check out the blog entries filed under “Books“. Most of my new books are ebooks which I can read on my Kindle Fire, iPad, or iPhone.

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