2013 was an eventful year in many respects. There were professional moves – first to Vyatta, and then to Cisco – and a number of changes affecting family and friends. I remained interested in the topics that I’ve written about over the years – technology, politics, philosophy, atheism, books, music, and so forth – but…

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This should generate a Tweet as well. Nothing much to see here. [Updated] OK, this is a bit odd. When I create a new blog entry and click “Publish”, the entry is published OK, but my browser shows a blank page. This is true under both FireFox 5 and Safari 5.1.

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I’ve added the Google Translate widget to this blog. If you want to read my writings in Chinese, choose your favourite version from the menu (Simplified or Traditional) and it should load in a few seconds. 我已经添加了谷歌翻译工具这个博客。如果你想阅读我的文章中,选择你最喜爱的版本,从菜单(简体中文或繁体) ,并应负荷在几秒钟。

Read More For my Chinese readers – 对于我的中文读者