This is a test of the new Yahoo Video Player

My colleagues at Yahoo! just released an intriguing new video player module for websites. In its basic form, it detects links to many kinds of video resources and provides a popup player to display the video. For example, I was mesmerized by a YouTube video of a guy who creates sculptures out of rocks balanced on top of each other in a fast-flowing river.
But there are more features coming soon. For example, the player will detect movie titles and automatically link to the trailer. Let’s test it with a reference to a film that I’m hoping to see this weekend, “Cowboys & Aliens”. UPDATE: Well, name detection didn’t quite work. My theme converts straight double-quotes to smart quotes, and it looks like the detecter can’t handle these. But the basic version was easy (and took only a couple of minutes to add to my blog). UPDATE 2: It turned out that title detection was working OK, but (a) it’s asynchronous, so it may not show up immediately, (b) the page has to be public, so it won’t show up in “Preview” mode in the WordPress editor.