The week's twitterings – 2011-01-16

  • The new British Library iPad app is just gorgeous. Magnificent. Exquisite. Check out the illuminated manuscripts… #
  • “@amandapalmer: I just wrote the stupidest. Song. Ever.” < Whoa! Stiff competition in that category! #
  • “@AMaskedAvenger: Something wonderful will happen today!”< Something wonderful happens EVERY day. Also something crappy. #itsabigworld #
  • Really puzzled about all the recent LinkedIn and Facebook invitations from people who work at Sun Microsystems. Didn't they get the memo? #
  • “@russnelson: it's also going to have to decide when NOT to pay for your health care” <And for-profit lowest-bid insurance companies don't? #
  • "Today has been set aside to honor the victims of the Tucson massacre. And Sarah Palin has apparently decided she's one of them," – TPM #
  • Setting up a new cert for my zone. The openssl CSR generation dialog sucks – or at least GoDaddy dislikes the result. #
  • Anyone referring to the BALANCE of violent rhetoric is simply disingenuous. There is no balance. via @NewYorker #
  • Forceful+erudite refutation of the idea that the cobbled-together Nativity story has any historical basis whatsoever. #
  • Correlation is not causation, but pleading pure coincidence would be absurd. via @Telegraph #
  • “@russnelson: .@geoffarnold and video games cause violence, too. Wait, there's no proof for THAT either, is there?” < That's an argument?! #

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