The week's twitterings – 2010-11-21

  • My plan for the deficit via @nytgraphics #
  • iTunes Sidebar keeps recommending albums that aren't available in the US iTunes Store. #FAIL #
  • Tonight there's a Meetup of the Silicon Valley Cloud Group on EC2 security. 200 RSVPs so far; parking will be hell! #
  • Used my iPad+VGAout to present my slides today, rather than my Mac. Nice not to have Entourage and Y! Messenger popping up over my material. #
  • Just installed the "My TSA" iPhone app!!! #ironymeterpegged See also the EFF primer on standing up to the TSA: #
  • “@ComputingClouds: What Is the Cloud?” < Haven't we done this a gazillion times before? #myloopdetectorgoesoff #
  • Two weeks 'til I get to England. Three until I get home again. Four until my (?first) SWL treatment for these kidney stones. #fingerscrossed #

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