The week's twitterings – 2010-11-07

  • Must-read: "Bad Science" by Ben Goldacre – NYT Review: #
  • The USA holds a show trial, complete with torture & forced confession. RT @nationalpost: Stalin would have been proud #
  • Better late than never: nice puff piece from Cisco on Cloud Computing and the Big Pipes myth #
  • A plausible thesis: Sarah Palin's interventions and endorsements actually cost the GOP the chance to win the Senate. #
  • Changed plans: I'm spending the next day and a half at #cloudexpo First stop: the OpenStack session. #
  • Every cloud stack vendor talks about compute & storage. Nobody talks about managing the virtualized network fabric. No good solutions yet? #
  • RT @jtcarolan: the cloud is about simplicity via abstraction. < As always, the challenge is to distinguish between "simple" and "simplistic" #
  • RT @atheistproud: But Flew was senile by then and his book was ghosted by a fundy. (Even so he was barely a deist, and denied an Xian god) #
  • I'm at San Jose Rep for an excellent (and exhausting) performance of "Secret Order". Possible cure for cancer? No pressure! #

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