The week's twitterings – 2010-10-31

  • Weird #f1 race: lousy track, poor race control, lots of bad driving, 9 DNFs. It makes for a dramatic finale, but IMHO it's bad for the sport #
  • RT @myinnervoice: I just signed the Contribute the Apple JDK source to OpenJ petition at <ditto #
  • I'm going to a Meetup with SF Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering! #
  • RT @macworld: iPhoto '11 review: < But what we really need to know: Is there a reliable *loss-free* upgrade process yet? #
  • Listening to a presentation on the "Asterix" scalable parallel data framework by Michael Carey of UC Irvine. #
  • Frustrating. I just got approval to attend #qconsf headed over to the website, and some time in the last few hours it sold out. Sigh. #

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