The week's twitterings – 2010-10-24

  • In retrospect, I've decided Dim Sum is not for me: unpredictable, and real-time decision-making interrupts conversational flow. I like menus #
  • Grey, wet afternoon here on Palo Alto, so we're all carving pumpkins. I wonder if there's an app for that? #
  • RT @alecmuffett, @jimfinnis: RIP Benoit Mandelbrot. Thank God he wasn't murdered. It would have taken… forever to draw the chalk outline. #
  • RT @adrianco: TripTrace: A Place Book For Where You’ve Been And Where You’re Going <Looks very cool. I'm in the queue… #
  • National Review Gives Up, Tries Magic #ordinarygentlemen #
  • RT @CloudSlam: RT The Future of #Cloud Storage is NAS… < Didn't we all know that already? #
  • WTF? iTunes suddenly started saying that my credit card was declined. I checked with my card supplier, and everything looks OK at their end #
  • Looks like Apple wants software developers to stop using Macs. Why else would they deprecate Java on OS X? #
  • 2NE1 As @zoetica says, "How can I simultaneously hate and love one thing this much?" With dancing Stormtroopers!!!!! #
  • Thinking back to really wet races at Spa or Nurburgring (long format). If today's drivers say that Korea is "impossible" we need to fix #f1 #

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