The week's twitterings – 2010-08-15

  • Just bought my first new Mac in a couple of years: iMac (21.5" w/i3) from the Apple Store. Unfortunately it was DOA. Yeah, it happens but… #
  • RT @russnelson: I just ordered, a documentary about adventures in text<That looks awesome: I just ordered a copy too. #
  • First tweet from my new iMac. 😉 #
  • RT @ebertchicago: "America's leading True Christianâ„¢ Pastor" puts $1 million bounty on soul of Christopher Hitchens. < Like "Ghostbusters"? #
  • RT @lewmoorman: opposing the mosque is very different than saying the first amendment does not protect it < but equally dumb #
  • RT @lindseyfowler: Hate LA. I remember why I love Seattle every time I come here <Right. There's no "there" there (Until Santa Monica) #
  • RT @disappearinjon: buying cargo liners and rubber floor mats for the new vehicle <New vehicle? #
  • RT @disappearinjon: @fatals: Plus I had a sysadmin guild meeting tonight < There's a GUILD for BOFHs? #
  • Figuring out where to store the iMac box… For what other kinds of consumer goods do we hang on to the packaging "just in case"…? #
  • RT @ebertchicago: There's a good chance that that we'll never learn how the universe began <Learning to live with one's epistemic horizons #
  • RT @samj: @swardley: sun don't really get enough credit for failing where amazon subsequently succeeded < C'mon, they failed 3 times! L33T!! #
  • James Gosling on Sun, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle and patents…. "Quite the firestorm". #
  • RT @webmink: Nice free Weepies track on Amazon US has that tingle-inducing close harmony they do so well: < +1 to that #
  • RT @cutshot: RT @bbalfour: Can't wait until football begins < It's already begun! Chelsea was awesome!! (Oh, you mean AMERICAN football 🙁 #

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