The week's twitterings – 2010-07-18

  • Check out @cloudbzz on "The Red Ocean of Cloud Infrastructure Stacks" #
  • RT @trueslant My Dinner (and Drinks) with Christopher (Hitchens that is) – Michael Shermer – <audiobook sounds cool #
  • Kate seems to think I've put too much garlic on the mushrooms I'm sautéing. I don't understand the phrase "too much garlic"… #
  • Electronic boarding pass seems to work well at SFO. TSA agent didn't bat an eyelid. (And didn't scrawl on my iPhone with a highlighter….) #
  • Cloud discussions focus too much on what (features, APIs) and not enough on how (operational stuff, SLAs, QoS). 'Cept for security of course #
  • Since @unitedairlines started automatic free upgrades for elite FFs, I expected 1st to be full. Only about 20% on my SFO-LAX this morning #
  • The real Portland is Portland, ME. (via @GeorgeReese) < No, the real Portland is in England Learn some history! #
  • When the Hilton wants to charge $15/day PER DEVICE for capped Internet access, I reach for my 3G USB modem and share the connection. #
  • RT @Carnage4Life: The Nexus One also dropped signal when held. Difference with the iPhone 4 issue is no one cared… – #

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