The week's twitterings – 2010-04-25

  • 15 minutes before boarding my SFO-JFK flight, there are 4 open seats in business class and I'm #4 on the upgrade list…. #
  • Oh bleep – the biz seat count dropped to 2 #
  • JFK easier than expected: I took the airtrain to Jamaica Station, and I'm now on a LIRR express to Penn Station, two blocks from my hotel #
  • Oracle productizes JEOS – running Weblogic "without an OS" in a VM. Claims 33% better transaction rate, which actually sounds embarrassing #
  • Oracle #CloudExpo keynote was all about PaaS strategy, with a bit of IaaS. Not a peep about cloud storage services. Strange that…. 😉 #
  • Blustering cloud preso by Gross of Unisys, very weak on motivation and all over the map. Main point seems to be to sell fear about security #
  • "Unisys Stealth" data security – end-to-end, RBAC-based. Claims immunity to deep packet inspection. Really? OK, useful but not "a new world" #
  • BTW, Channel 9 was back on my SFO-JFK red-eye on Sunday – first time since pre-Xmas. One more piece of security theatre bites the dust… #
  • I'd hoped that NIST etc. would generate consistency in "cloud" discussions. No such luck. Oracle is particularly guilty of muddying things #
  • What is the maximum number of times a presenter can say "Hands up if you've…" before it gets REALLY tedious? #
  • After patronizing references to Amazon by Navisite speaker, he proudly described some features that are much less impressive than AWS. FAIL #
  • Conference profile: marketers presenting to consultants. Bad fit – consultants ask awkward questions, like real performance numbers #
  • Can't log in to free WiFi here at New Yorker Hotel on my iPad because Safari won't scroll the T&Cs frame. #iPad fail or hotel fail? #
  • Can't read long posts in Google Reader mobile version on my iPad because Safari won't scroll the post. OK, this is definitely #iPad FAIL #
  • How can you hold a Cloud Computing Conference without adequate connectivity?Maybe if they'd attracted a networking vendor as a sponsor…. #
  • Nice Azure presentation by my old friend Yousef Khalidi. Right now MS sounds much, MUCH more open and cloud-savvy than, say, Oracle. #
  • Finally nailed down my RTW itinerary to visit Xi'an and Nice. SFO-PEK-XIY-PEK-AMS-NCE-JFK-SFO. Six different airlines, three weeks. #
  • Useful cloud storage talk at #cloudexpo by the GlusterFS CTO – but not enough tech details of GlusterFS itself! Excessive modesty… #
  • And now a VERY interesting #cloudexpo talk on cloud forensics by Aaron Walters of Terramark. Finally some technical meat!! #
  • RT @chrisbrogan Good initiative. Hannah's looking for a summer internship. Anyone want to help her? – #
  • Enjoying first class service on the Acela from NYC to Boston. An hour and a half gone, two hours to go. Good food and plenty to drink, tho' #
  • Did I really read this, or merely dream about it? #
  • RT @adriana872 RT @andychannelle: We have free movement of capital, and (most) goods. Why not people? <Pre-wired tribal mammal brains #
  • And now a VERY interesting #cloudexpo talk on cloud forensics by Aaron Walters of Terramark. Finally some technical meat!! #
  • UA179 BOS-SFO 100% full, no upgrade, but at least I got 8E. Some of the carry-on bags are simply ridiculous – I miss the x-ray m/c templates #

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