The week's twitterings – 2010-04-04

  • Shake, Rattle, Seattle – Good thing I moved – even if I am now a few miles from the San Andreas Fault #
  • If you want to join the iPad party… we will be at the Palo Alto University ave store all night starting at 6 pm Friday. (RT @Scobleizer) #
  • OK, it's April, so it's probably time to schedule my next trip to China at the end of the month. #
  • Bought HP laptop in November; returned for service (same defect) 3 times since then. Got it back today, plugged it in: flash, sizzle, smoke. #
  • RT @Carnage4Life: Love @gruber's response to Doctorow's anti-iPad screed – #
  • Everybody being photographed with everyone else at the iPad party in Palo Alto…. #
  • Sitting in front of a cool iPad sign; all the photographers are asking our names for attribution/release purposes #
  • The no.1 #ipad question: does anyone know of a commercially available USB hub that implements the "Battery Charging Specification"? #
  • Any #ipad users with a Targus ACH81US USB hub? It claims to have two "Always On" ports with "twice the power". Can it charge the iPad? #

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