August 2009

I seem to be slipping into a mode where I spit out a handful of blog posts and then subside for a week or more. C’est la vie. Since last blogging, we’ve made great strides on getting the apartment up and running. We have TV, Internet, and VOIP telephony. (And on the TV, mirabile dictu,…

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In Seattle we were stuck with Broadstripe for Internet/TV, and bandwidth was so-so. Here in Palo Alto we’re using Comcast, and I like the speed: Download Speed: 14366 kbps (1795.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 4406 kbps (550.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

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This has been an incredible week. 10 days ago we shipped all of our belongings off to California. Since then: We’ve stayed in four different hotels (one in Seattle, three in California). The California shuffle was because of having to continually adjust our expectations about when our stuff would arrive from Seattle, and because many…

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