Heading home

I’ve just finished up my two week visit to Huawei’s HQ in Shenzen with a delightful dinner with my opposite number on the HQ team. (Many thanks!) Tomorrow morning, bright and early (6:15am), I’ll be heading home: a taxi to the Shenzhen Shekou ferry terminal, ferry to Chek Lap Kok, a United 747-400 to SFO, an Alaska Airlines 737 to Seattle, and finally a taxi to Uwajimaya. Speaking of United, it looks as if I mistimed my flight: a piece about United on FlyerTalk included the following:

Beginning August 1, we’ll offer tasty new options on our fresh Choice Menu, all-new items in our popular snack boxes on shorter flights and complimentary alcoholic beverages in economy on Pacific flights.

Why wait? 😉
It’s been a really great visit. From a work perspective, it’s been enormously productive, and I’ve started to build a great web of connections here. Shenzhen is a fascinating city, both downtown and the area around the Huawei campus. The heat and humidity were less of a problem than I expected; I found that the coolest clothing combo was a light shirt worn open over a vented t-shirt. I don’t know if it was kosher, but it felt right. My biggest mistake: not bringing a couple of pairs of lightweight shorts.
And the food… Honestly, I didn’t have a single bad meal. Tonight I tried a couple of new items: fish roe, and frogs. (Lots of small bones in the frogs, but not a problem.) Mmmm.