I’m pretty sure that this is the longest gap in my blogging since I started back in December 2003. So why the hiatus? A few reasons come to mind:

  • A lot of my off-the-cuff comments which would previously have shown up in my blog now wind up on Twitter. Some of this is because it’s trivially easy for me to post a Tweet from my iPhone, wherever I might be; more significant is that fact that many of the items that I used to comment on – from friends, from news sources – show up on Twitter first, and it’s easy to “RT” them with my comments. So there’s a reverse network effect taking place here.
  • Another factor is the current state of my life. I’m in the middle of job-hunting, and for obvious reasons I don’t want to broadcast the details. Perhaps some of my conversations are with companies that are officially in the middle of hiring freezes; it would be tacky to mention them. Or I might be talking to a stealth-mode start-up, where stealth is the key word. And then these processes always seem to take longer that one would hope, and I don’t really think that it would be appropriate for me to vent about the frustration which I occasionally feel. So that whole (important) area of my life is off-limits.
  • I’ve been posting most of the technical material that I might previously have published here on my new blog, Speaking of Clouds. And yes, that blog needs more material – see previous point.
  • My reviews – of books, music, movies, concerts, and gadgets – are reduced in frequency because I’ve been buying less stuff, and going out less. And Amazon Vine has been sending me fewer items that I want to review on my blog. (Until today, anyway.)
  • Above all, I have this persistent feeling that my life is about to change, dramatically and comprehensively. We’re talking about the what, where, and how. And so I find myself metaphorically holding my breath….

So bear with me. I expect my posting rate to increase really significantly – RSN!