McLaren and basic commonsense

If you’re living in a world of totally transparent communications, and you tell a lie about something you said, you will be found out. What’s so hard about that? So (obviously) you don’t tell lies.
Somehow McLaren F1 failed this basic intelligence test in Australia, and the result is that Hamilton has been disqualified. The fact that the team accepted the decision without a peep of protest shows that they know exactly what they did.
There should be a lesson for politicians somewhere in this (Gonzalez? Cheney?), but maybe I’m overreaching.

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

  • Fun reconnection day: breakfast with Mark Towfiq, lunch with Martin Hall – both co-conspirators on WinSock back in the 1990’s. #
  • @lskrocki It reminds me that I’d be a fool not to pay it off every month…. #
  • Back at Adrian’s place after a day of very useful meetings. It’s a gorgeous evening, the scrub jays are complaining about my trespassing… #
  • Memo to self: when someone says they live in an “out of the way” location, consider the verticals as well as the horizontals…. #

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