Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

  • OK, this is amazing. At the end of last season, Honda was a joke. Brawn buys the team, and now they’re P1&P2!! Hamilton’s car breaks… #
  • @jimgris just read a story from India about the priest who was conducting a wedding taking two cellphone calls during the service!! #
  • The arrangements for next week’s trip to the Bay Area are coming together nicely. Still a couple of breakfast and dinner slots, though. #
  • @DMular I use Skype out to call family in the UK all the time. Works a treat, no matter where I am – home, on the road, overseas. in reply to DMular #
  • Check out the pics of plume lightning at The Volcanism Blog #
  • OK: I’m settling in to watch the Australian GP. Will it be a Brawn 1-2? Unlikely… but the last two days have been extraordinary. #
  • @lindseyfowler Count me skeptical. What was demonstrated was very different from the old “cold fusion”, so this still needs confirmation… #

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