November 2008

Film of the week: Illicit (1931). From IMDB: The film is interesting because it’s early Stanwyck, but also because of the independent woman angle which soon will fade from view with the ushering in of the code. Once the ’40s hit, the independent woman became an uptight career woman wearing a tailored suit, her hair…

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I’ve been living in Seattle for over two years, but I only just (today) got around to installing safety straps on the bookcases. When you’re not used to living in an earthquake zone, you don’t think about such things. I still haven’t picked up a three-day emergency kit, though.

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The Cranky Flier considers the consequences of Lufthansa’s acquisition of bmi, and decides that the most likely outcome is: Take the London slots, merge with Virgin Atlantic, and create a very strong London brand that’s far greater than what Virgin has now. Oh, and yes, bring Virgin Atlantic into Star Alliance. Virgin is clearly interested.…

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