This is an interesting trip for airports. At Beijing, I arrived and departed through the extraordinary new Terminal 3. I only saw Singapore from the inside, but it’s one of the most impressive international shopping centres I’ve ever seen. At Hyderabad, I had my first experience of the new Rajiv Gandhi airport, which is a tremendous improvement over the old one (which was stuck on the side of an air force base).
And now Bangalore. I arrived on Tuesday night at the old airport, which was as chaotic and depressing as ever. (The rain didn’t help.) And on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) I’ll be flying out of… well, hopefully the new Bangalore Bengluru airport. It was supposed to open for business on Friday, but suddenly the authorities have announced a 24 hour delay, so Saturday will be the first day of operation. I have a nervous feeling about this… I’m hoping that I won’t have a Terminal 5 experience.