New Mac update (in brief)

  1. The MBA continues to delight. The keyboard is the best I’ve used in years.
  2. My PowerBook suddenly came back to life. Sigh….
  3. The Time Capsule is a great disappointment. I set it up, and before I could actually use it, the Airport Utility suggested that I should upgrade the firmware from 7.3 to 7.3.1. ((Why such high numbers for a new product? Apparently it shares firmware builds with other Airport base stations.))I did, and the box hasn’t worked since then; the status light just blinks. From the support discussions on the Apple website, it seems that this is a common problem, and quite a few people have simply returned them. I’m going to try one more configuration (making it the only access point on the network, rather than adding it to an existing network); if that doesn’t work, I’ll be demanding a refund.