Power glitches, rain, blood, razors, and meat pies

It’s been a cold and wet weekend here in Seattle, and my PowerBook has been acting up again. I thought of taking it to the Apple store over in Bellevue, but I couldn’t face the prospect of going to a mall just before Christmas. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, double-check the Time Machine backups, and hope that it keeps going for a few more days. The PMU is obviously starting to fail, but it’s still under AppleCare…
So I had a quiet couple of days. I went to see the movie version of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, and thoroughly enjoyed it in a twisted sort of way. Avoid if you’re squeamish, though. ((I started looking up the Greek names for all the relevant phobias – blood, razors, etc. – until I read that most of those terms are completely inauthentic.)) I finished Pullman’s “The Amber Spyglass” (UK edition, no bowdlerization.)), read some more philosophy books, and had lunch with a friend who’s joining Google. The rest of the time was devoted watching football: Liverpool putting on a great show against Portsmouth, Manchester United scraping a win over Everton, and a gritty win by Chelsea.

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