Blogging from Ignite

Everybody here at Ignite Seattle! seems to hve a Macbook [Pro]. The talks start in ~20 minutes. Conveniently, this place is just around the corner from Elysian Fields…
[LATER] I thought that was an excellent evening. Less time on fun and games, and more (and higher quality) talks. My favourites:

  • Sheer fun: Scotto Moore on Make Art Not Content ((Small world department: Scotto (Leri) says “hi” to Spivey, and admires what you’re doing.))
  • Essentials of business: Dave McClure on Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!
  • Prognostication: Beth Goza on Is 2008 the year the “Third Screen” takes center stage?
  • Just do it: Brian Dorsey on An embarrassment of riches – the story of Noonhat
  • The bigger picture: George Conard on Mifos: Open Source Software for Microfinance ((Hint: when you’re living on a dollar a day, you don’t care if your microfinance provider uses OSS.))

But they were all good. The next one is in October: I’m planning to be there. (There were a few Amazonians there tonight: more next time.)