"Expressing the Intelligence that Guides Computation"

My friend Charlie just drew my attention to a wonderful website: Courses for the B.A. in Computer Science at Maharishi University of Management. Some examples of the Truly Wondrous courses that they offer:

Algorithms: The Dynamics of Intelligence — The Relationship of Structure and Dynamics as the Basis for Efficient and Practical Software Development (CS 435)
Compiler Construction: Connecting Name and Form — The Source of All Programming Languages in Grammar and Semantics (CS 440)
Computer Communication Networks: Connecting the Parts and Whole — Frictionless Flow of Information (CS 450)
Software Technologies: Advanced Principles of Natural Law in Software Systems (CS 455)

Beautiful stuff. Who knew that LALR(1) could have such cosmic significance? But the detailed course descriptions are even stranger. For example:

Nature’s Cosmic Computing: Harnessing the Organizing Power of Knowledge (CS 101)
This course investigates the most fundamental knowledge at the basis of all computing and modern computer technology, and how it is connected to principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence and Vedic Science. We will look at the structure of computing itself, of computer science, and of the wide range of computing applications that are primary to all areas of professions and life today. (4 units)

And if that isn’t enough, you can add a minor in World Peace. Cloud-cuckoo-land, through and through.